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EntirePro Floor Polish Maintainer 5 Litre

5 Litre(s)

Traditional floor maintainer with a light floral scent. This easy to use floor maintainer can be applied either with a damp mop or spray burnish.

  • Ideal for maintaining polished finishes on floors
  • High-strength concentrate formula for dilution
  • Prolongs floor life


EntirePro Floor Polish Maintainer 5 Litre. Ideal for maintaining polished finishes on PVC, sealed wood and thermoplastic floors. High strength concentrate formula prolongs the life of floor finishes and can easily be burnished to a high gloss finish. Pleasant and fragrant in use, also suitable for spray cleaning. Suitable for damp mopping, dry burnishing or spray cleaning

  • Removes scuff marks and scratches
  • Burnishes to a high gloss finish
  • Pleasant floral fragrance in use
  • Also suitable for spray cleaning

Directions for Use

  • For general cleaning, dilute 1:40 (25ml per litre). For super gloss enhancing dilute 1:8 (125ml per litre). Mop floor with solution and allow to dry. Burnish to a high gloss.
  • For spray cleaning & burnishing, dilute 1:20 (50ml per litre) and spray a fine mist onto the floor. Burnish lightly with machine and nylon pad until dry.


  • MPN: EP028
  • Capacity: 5 Litre(s)


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