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Introducing Pod Pro, a sustainable, cost effective cleaning solution

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Effective cleaning products for catering, encapsulated in water-soluble sachets which, when added to water, create the perfect sustainable cleaning solution.

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Did You Know?
Most Cleaning Chemicals are 90% Water...

  • 95% Reduction in CO2

    By removing the need to transport water, we significantly reduce the emissions associated with the distribution and storage of chemicals.

  • 90% Reduction in plastic

    Our planet friendly packaging is made from compostable materials and our bottles are extremely durable so they can be used time and time again.

  • 75% Reduction in cost

    Significant cost-in-use savings when compared to ready-made chemicals and the added benefit of dose-control when compared to other super-concentred liquid solutions.

Sustainability Calculator

  • Our tried and tested active formulas, now contained within PVOH film sachets that are dry, compact and light.
  • A truly zero plastic waste product with all packaging made from biodegradable and compostable materials.
  • Relevant products tested to EN1276 and EN14476 standards, as well as article 95 biocidal regulations.
  • Biodegradable formulas conforming to REACH sustainable standards and manufactured at ISO:9001 & ISO14001 facilities.

Goodbye Single Use Plastic
Hello Reduced Co2 Emissions!

By switching to a pod system, you can eliminate single use plastics from your supply chain. Simply add 1 sachet to a re-usable bottle or bucket to create the perfect ready-to-use cleaning solution.

Our online sustainability calculator will show you what impact switching to Pod Pro would have on the carbon footprint of your business.

Sustainability Calculator

A fully supported solution, with safety & training info linked from the QR code on each bottle. Plus personalised cleaning plans developed to suit your business*

How to Guide

Our reusable aluminium bottles can be used time after time and feature a locking nozzle with adjustable spray pattern.

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Pod Pro Air Freshener Trigger Bottle 500ml

500 Millilitres PP24-TR

Premium reusable bottle

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Pod Pro Washroom Cleaner Trigger Bottle 500ml

500 Millilitres PP30-TR

Premium reusable bottle

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Pod Pro Virucidal Disinfectant Trigger Bottle 500ml

500 Millilitres PP41-TR

Premium reusable bottle

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Pod Pro Toilet Cleaner Descaler Refill Bottle 1 Litre

1 Litre(s) PP31-BO

Premium reusable bottle

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